Indication of Jhactions kalmegh Syrup:

Jhactions Kalmegh Syrup is indicated for sluggish liver, loss of appetite, indigestion due to irregular function of liver, jaundice hepatic dysfunction, hepatomegaly and poor biliary secretion.

Effects & Features of Jhactions Kalmegh Syrup:

  • Promotes normal function of Liver.
  • Normalizes inflation of liver.
  • Strengthens Liver and stimulates appetite.
  • Helps in correct regulation of liver enzymes and secretions. It also improves appetite and general well-being.

Composition of Jhactions Kalmegh Syrup

Each 5 Ml Contains  Composition
Kalmegh(Andrographis) Q 2.00 Ml
Chelidonium Majus Q 0.80 Ml
Carica papaya Q 1.00 Ml
Merc sol 1 X 0.60 Ml
Lufa Bindal 1 X 0.60 Ml
Aqua Dist   Q.S
Alcohol contains   10%V/V-Q.S




Adult : Two spoonful twice a day Child : one spoonful twice a day or as prescribed by the Physician.
Kalmegh Syrup

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