Indications of Jhactions Rheuma-X :

Spondylitis, acute articular and periarticular disorders, pain and muscle spasms associated with trauma, lumbago inflammatory and degenerative processes, neuritic vasomotor pain and sciatica.

Effects & Features of Jhactions Rheuma-X

  • Gives instant relief in all rheumatic & muscular Pain.
  • Quickly absorbed and relieves muscular pain and swelling.
  • Effective in arthritis and Back pain.
  • Covers all pain types.

Composition of Jhactions Rheuma-X

Each 5 Ml Contains  
Colocynthis Q 1.00 Ml
Kalmia lutifolia Q 1.00 Ml
Rhustox Q 1.00 Ml
Hymosa Q 0.70 Ml
colchicum autumnale Q 0.55 Ml
Bryonia Alba 3 X 0.60 Ml
Formic Acid 3 X 0.40 Ml
Natrum phosphoricum 6 X 0.20 Mg
Syrup Aromatics  - Q.S
Colour Caramel  - Q.S
Alcohol contains  - 11%V/V Q.S



Dosage : 

One tea spoonfull 3-times a day or as prescribed by the Physician.
Rheuma-X Syrup

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