Indications of Jhactions Alfalfa Tonic:

  • Heart & Brain Exhaustion.
  • Heart's Weak Palpitation.
  • Fatigueness of the Heart, Nerves & Muscles.
  • Muscles thin and atrophied.
  • Weight loss.
  • Poor Appetite.
  • Loss of memory.
  • Pain and heaviness in the Cardiac region.
  • Poor recovery after Rheumatic Fever

Effects & Features of Jhactions Alfalfa Tonic:

  • Fight fatigue and keep you energetic throughout the day
  • Improve reaction time and mental arithmetic skills
  • A daily natural tonic for both Men & Women
  • Increase ability to handle tiredness and exhaustion due to stress
  • Help improve your health and immunity
  • Supplement diet for increased well-being
  • Provides essential nutrients, amino acids, vitamins and minerals

Composition of Jhactions Alfalfa Tonic

Each 5 Ml Contains
Ginseng Q 1.5 Ml.
Ashwagandha Q 0.50 Ml.
Damiana Q 0.25 Ml.
Avena Sativa Q 1 Ml
Medicago Sativa Q 0.55 Ml.
Cinchona Officinalis 1 X 0.30 Ml.
Five Phos 6 X 0.40 Ml.
Hydrastis Canadensis Q 0.50 Ml.
Excipitent Sugar/Aromatics - Q.S
Alchohol Contents - 10.3%v/v-Q.S.

Dosage :

Adult one table spoon 3 times a day before meal. Children one tea spoonful twice a day or as prescribed by the Physician.  
Jhactions Alfalfa Tonic

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