Effects Features Sex-On-5000:

  • A Natural Homoeopathic Formula might be useful for Sexual Dysfunction in Men.
  • It can help in Impotence Erectile Dysfunction.
  • can be used in Premature Ejaculation.
  • It can help in Testosterone Levels in Men and Simultaneously Increases Sex-drive.
  • For Sexual Weakness.
  • It can bring Your Sex Drive Back to Life.
  • Might be a Quick-Fix Remedy for a Low Libido Premature Orgasm Ejaculation in Men.

Indications of Sex-On-5000:

  • Sexual Dysfunction Male.
  • Homoeopathic Sex Tonic.
  • Nervine Tonic For Men.
  • Sex Problem.
  • Premature Ejaculation.
  • Low Sex Power.
  • Erection Problem.
  • Male Sexual Issues.
  • Early Discharge.
Sex-On 5000 can have a very powerful effect on following symptoms of sexual dysfunction:
  • Longer delay between stimulation and erection.
  • Erection is less turgid.
  • Ejaculation is less strong.
  • Ejaculatory volume is smaller.
  • Time between erections is longer.
  • Less sensitivity to tactile stimuli.
  • Lower testosterone.
  • Orgasm is attained more slowly.

 Composition of Sex-on 5000

Each 5ml Contains

Ginseng Q


Withania Somnifera  Q 0.50ml
Damiana 1X 1ml
Avena Sativa 1X 0.75ml
Agnus Castus 1X 0.25ml
Acid Phos 3X 0.25ml
Cantharis Q 0.25ml


Dosage : 20-30 drops of medicine should be taken with half cup of cold water four times a day. One dose essentially at bed time.

Sex-on 5000

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