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Liv Care

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Natural Liver Care- Keeps Your Liver Healthy

Effects & Features:

  • Restores the functional efficiency of the liver Cures Leucorrhoea and related troubles in women.
  • Prevents the loss of functional integrity of the cell membrane, maintains cytochrome
  • Ensures protection from alcohol-induced hepatic damage.
  • Maintains normal function of liver and gives strength.
  • Improves appetite & functional efficiency of the liver .
  • Protects the liver against alcohol toxicity.

Presentation : 30 Ml.
Jhactions ®  Liv-Care 30 Ml. pack is standard use for 10 days.

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Product Description

Jhactions ® Liv-Care   Benefits:

  • Prevents and treats viral hepatitis, alcoholic liver disease, pre-cirrhotic conditions and early cirrhosis, anorexia, loss of appetite and liver damage due to radiation therapy.
  • Normalizes Liver disorders including fatty acid associated with protein-energy malnutrition.
  • Helps in curing Jaundice and loss of appetite during pregnancy.
  • Supports as an adjuvant during prolonged illness and convalescence.


Liver:   Liver is the largest organ inside your body. It helps your body digest food, store energy, and remove poisons.There are many kinds of liver diseases. Viruses cause some of them, like hepatitis A, hepatitis B and hepatitis C. Others can be the result of drugs, poisons or drinking too much alcohol. If the liver forms scar tissue because of an illness, it’s called cirrhosis. Jaundice, or yellowing of the skin, can be one sign of liver disease.


Additional Information


This is specific for various grades of liver & splinic swellings, fibrous and bilious over growth. On both sides and mid-abdominal pain, specially when constipation and diarrhea alternate-anorexia, fever and various anemic conditions prevail.


Each 5 ml. Contains:
China 1 x 1 ml,
Chelidonium Q 1 ml,
Ceanothos 1 x 1 ml,
Cardus M 1 x 0.5 ml,
Kalmegh 1 x 0.5 ml,
Merc Sol 3 x 0.5 ml,
Bry 3 x 0.5 ml.

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