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Kalmegh Syrup – 200ml


A Natural Liver Tonic

Effects & Features:

  • Promotes normal function of Liver.
  • Normalizes inflation of liver.
  • Strengthens Liver and stimulates appetite.
  • Helps in correct regulation of liver enzymes and secretions. It also improves appetite and general well-being.

Presentation : 200 Ml.
Jhactions®  Kalmegh Syrup  200 Ml. pack is standard dose for 15 days.

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Product Description

Jhactions ® Kalmegh Syrup General Properties and benefits.

  • Strengthens Liver and stimulates appetite.
  • Useful in infections of Liver, loss appetite and weight.
  • Regulates digestion of food and bowel movement.

KALMEGH – A well balanced hepatic herbs and minerals useful in the treatment of various liver disorders. Drop corrects sluggish and enlarged liver, induces a healthy appetite with improved assimilation.


Recommended for inflammation of liver dyspepsia habitual, constipation, poor appetite, jaundices & other liver trouble and infections.


Each 5 ml. Contains:
Kalmegh Q 2.00 ml,
Chelidonium 1 x 0.50 ml.,
Carica Papaya 1 x 1.00 ml.,
Merc Soil 3 x 0.25ml,
Aqua Dist 1 25ml.

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