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Baby Toner

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A balanced natural tonic for infant & children,Promotes healthy growth.

Effects & Features:

  • Provides ideal improvement of children appetite, retarded, worm infestation & diarrhea and iron deficiency.
  • Provides essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
  • A daily health supplement to prevent common digestive complaints of infants and children.
  • Promotes all round growth.
  • Strengthen immunity and keeps the baby healthy.

Presentation : 115 Ml.
BABY-TONER 115  Ml. pack is standard dose for 10-20 days.(Dose vary as per age)

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Product Description

Baby Toner is an ideal supplement and marvelous tonic for babies and children.

Additional Information


Baby Toner is an ideal supplement and marvelous tonic for babies and children.


Each 5 ml. Contains:
Fivephos 6 x 1.50 ml,
Silicea 6 x 0.50 ml,
Iodium 3 x 0.25 ml,
Calmagh 2 x 1.00 ml,
China off 1 x 0.75 ml,
Nat Sulph 6 x 1.00 ml,
Flavoured syrup base qs.,
(All ingredients as per HPI)
Alcohol contents- 7% v/v, Excipients – qs.

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