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A daily health supplement enriched with natural Ginseng.

Effects & Features:

  • Fight fatigue and keep you energetic throughout the day
  • Improve reaction time and mental arithmetic skills
  • A daily natural tonic for both Men & Women
  • Increase ability to handle tiredness and exhaustion due to stress
  • Help improve your health and immunity
  • Supplement diet for increased well-being
  • Provides essential nutrients, amino acids, vitamins and minerals

Presentation : 100 Ml.
ALFALFA 100 Ml. pack is standard dose for 7 days.

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Product Description

Jhactions® ALFALFA TONIC takes cares of all listed troubles:

  • Intended for stress, tension conditions specifically men and women over-stressed and overstretched in the present upset corporate jungle regarding survival.
  • For those who have erectile debility, early ejaculation as well as neurasthenia.
  • Throughout convalescent levels of throwing up, following viral ailment as well as following weak spot with intense as well as serious diarrhoeal claims.
  • Expectant women in addition to lactating mums.
  • For student who are engaged with hard work.
  • Individuals by using basic debility, weakness, emaciation, loss of appetite, very poor slower or maybe retarded advancement.
  • Restlessness, fatigue through be concerned, tensions and also overwork.
INDICATION Alfalfa as a powerful tonic Nerve: Alfalfa is popularly use as a nerve tonic. It makes our nerve strong and gives instant energy all of our body. But it works in our full body function such as: heart, kidney, blood, liver etc. For this reason we feel more energetic after taking Alfalfa. Dropsy: Alfalfa works fruitfully in the handling of the inflammation of dropsy and bladder. It has great contribution to keep our kidneys normal. Stomach disorders: Now problems in stomach are a common to all. If we take Alfalfa in the early of the year, then our stomach will run normally in the whole year. It also refreshes the appetite and makes a nice morning drink. You can take it as juice also. For heart problem: We use Alfalfa as juice. But homeopathic mother tincture of this remedy helps you to keep safe from several heart diseases. Respiratory disorders: This remedy is a rich source of chlorophyll which is very useful in respiratory discomforts. Especially it refreshes our lungs and sinuses. High blood pressure: High blood pressure a boring disease. Alfalfa is a fruitful remedy to keep control this problem. It has suitable elements essential for softening of the hardened arteries, which characterize the high blood pressure. Hair disorders: Alfalfa is a mixture of lettuce and carrot. They have a nice contribution in the hair growth. So if we take alfalfa every day it will help to remove some problem of hair. I have mentioned here some of the benefits of Alfalfa. It is also a great source of vitamin B and it is a world famed health tonic and no side effects.


Each 5 ml. Contains:
Ginseng Q 1.5 ml,
Aswagandha Q 0.50 ml,
Damiana Q 0.25 ml,
Avena Sativa Q 1 ml,
Alfalfa Q 0.55ml,
cinchona Off. 1 x 0.3 ml,
Five Phos. 6 x 0.40 ml,
Hydrastis Can Q 0.50 ml,
Excipients qs. To 100gms,
Alcohol Contents- 10.3% v/v.

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